I love hearing from readers and you can email me direct using the form below.

However here are a few frequently asked questions you may want to check out before you write.

  • Who is your agent?

I’m represented by Eve White at the Eve White Literary Agency.

  • Can you send me a review copy?

My publishers kindly handle all review requests as I only get a limited number of copies for personal use.  Please check NetGalley for ebooks, or contact my publishers for physical copies.

If you are in the UK or Australia, please contact Bethan Jones on

If you are in the US, please contact Meagan Harris on

For all other territories please check the “foreign editions” tab and contact the appropriate publisher for your territory.

  • I am an unpublished writer. Can you read my manuscript and offer feedback?

I am very sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t – I only just have enough time for my own writing and promotional commitments. I recommend joining a writers’ group because while receiving critiques is useful, what really helped me was reading other people’s writing and trying to analyse what worked for me, and why. There are some great groups online if you don’t have one local to you.

  • I am a journalist or blogger and would love to interview you.

Thank you so much! I try to funnel all interview and press requests via my publishers to avoid clashes, so please contact Bethan or Meagan as above.

For all other territories please check the “foreign editions” tab and contact the publisher for your territory.